What Toots Your Horn?


Hey dear- :hugs::yellow_heart: @mish3lka oh yeah- I can remember that time really good- it was us both- my husband and me- carrying her all nighs long - walking in circles in the living room- my daughter was really sensitive with her stomach and poop too. We got sth from the doc that called “sab simplex” that helped finally- they call it the 3-mth colic over here. What I am trying to say is- it’s kinda normal- Important is that you care- she realizes it and it’s making the bonding even deeper- sometimes I cried with my daughter back then… sending you strength my dear - don’t worry too much and I hope she’ll gets over it soon - kisses on her cheecks as always :kissing_heart:


How was little Laura’s appointment @mishelka ? I hope everything is well


It ended up good, physically she’s okay, so it’s normal 3-month colic. We concluded that the main problem is the combination of maternal milk with artificial.
We got prescribed a HA Nutrillon that should work out better in combination. She’s slowly getting used to it, but still having problems. We also have some probiotics and anticolic drops, so we’ll see :slight_smile:


Earned today! :blush: :sun_with_face:


Learning how to play acoustic guitar. I bought one around two weeks ago and it’s so much fun. Difficult though, but fun :smile:


Stretch those fingers, pull through the pain,
It’ll be worth it! Good luck :slight_smile:


Mike will be taking control of turbo this weekend :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


But what about the VTEC?


All I know is that’s what the radio station said


I was kinda expecting that joke to fly over your head. To be honest, @framos1792 is one of the only people I’d expect to clock it. :joy:


One day I will learn to understand engineers :sweat_smile:

I had to use Google to finally get


It was more of a petrolhead joke. lol


Acknowledgement much obliged :nerd_face:
Bits of advice on the joke side:
Know your audience :grin: (totally over her head, and I almost think she’s still unsure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: kidding steph! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
And off topic but leading off from that, a drunk audience is the best audience :joy:

Ask a Japanese ricer and that joke is golden :joy:


I know, I just couldn’t resist. :joy:


My fingers are getting used to pressing hard on the strings, but at first it was painful indeed haha. Any other tips maybe?


Lots of practice, learn your scales, try to coordinate strumming and changing chords so you can start introducing new patterns and alternate picking.


Thanks! :+1:


I finally have two weeks free😍


We slept tonight! And no colics! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Vivat Sunar :smiley:


Awww, sooo happy to hear this :heart_eyes: