What Toots Your Horn?


Have fun and take care :wink:


What toots my horn? When people tell me to keep writing, I got fire in my verbs jijiji :star_struck:


@AJ_7 :heart_eyes::heart:️:hugs: - thank you so much - today a letter arrived and I found a Mike Pin in it :tada::tada::man_dancing:t2::dizzy::notes::sparkles::heart:️- I freaked out - and the bracelet is soo nice too- but most of all I enjoyed your letter - :hugs: I feel so connected with you my dear .:kissing_heart: … you are always on my mind - at least once a day and I am happy you are a part of my life!! I hope that our next real life meet is comming asap :heart_eyes: I love you my dear :hugs:


Aww I am so so so happy it reached you and I am so happy that it made you happy! That means it did it’s job properly! I am glad you are a part of my life too! Yes hopefully we will get to see each other soon. Thank you! You made my day! :heart: :heart: :hugs: :hugs:


Sharing the excitement over here! Thanks again :smiley:


aww you guys! I am so so happy right now!


Quick question: where did you get that meteora pin?


I don’t even remember, have it for more than 10 years.


It has gained my attention. Now I must take what is not mine. If you find one, let me know. I tried searching for it, but couldn’t find one.


This pic!!!


Receiving a letter from @AJ_7 is always the best! Thank you for brighting up our all lives so much!!! You are such an angel :heart:️:innocent:


@amitrish Have you checked eBay or something?

@OneMoreLight2017 couldn’t agree more. I wish she lived a bit closer to us :confused:


I would rather get a print on a pin by myself than to have it buy on ebay.
Read that “by myself” part as Chester screams it :grinning:


You guys are so sweet @OneMoreLight2017 and @evooba ! Your messages on here/social media brighten up my day too! I wish I was closer too!


:hugs: and I wish the same- for us all - imagine how niiice it would be to share our spare time whenever we feel like?! And here is my share of the day :

Feeling connected and this freaking toots my hooooorn :heart_eyes:


@theearlywalker I would give anything for that ! But we found here a great place to be together :slight_smile:


I need to send you guys those badges…




He liked it?


Yes! :blush: