What Toots Your Horn?


Congrats! That’s awesome. BTW I can really see Make It Up As I Go becoming a big song


Awwww sooo cool :heart_eyes::tada::tada:




My guitar and taking on learning to play it.


Congrats on the guitar


Thanks. Hope you’re not too uncomfortable with your ankle. :confused:


I am Okay the doctor said I need a lot of rest to heal so I am off school and work until futher notice


A takamine? Wow, nice!


It is! Thanks. I love it.


Had an amazing time with @the_termin8r and @evooba ! Thank you guys for making the time to come see me!


Yaaaaaaay!!! So soo soooooooo happyyyy for you 3!!! :tada: :tada: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :hugs:


It was awesome, had a blast. I’ll see you on Sat as well, hopefully Eva can make it too.


Thank you for meeting me again @the_termin8r ! I will post a picture of it when I finish building it! Thank you so much!


No worries. Hopefully we can meet again at some point in the future.


Today was great, had lunch with @AJ_7 and then had a beer in the evening with @evooba and her friends. The only thing that wasn’t fun was navigating King’s Cross station, as @AJ_7 and I found out, “in front of Pret A Manger”, is a bad place to meet up on account of there being 7 of them :man_facepalming:. I ended up going to 4 of them trying to find her :joy:. Sorry again for keeping you waiting, @AJ_7. :sweat_smile:


So happy you guys had a good time @the_termin8r, @evooba and @AJ_7, :grin:, it’s becoming more and more of a habit :heart_eyes: to meet each other and that’s only absolutely awesome :tada:


Great thing my practice occurs at the place where I can take that gift for my gf from the UPS office(hope she likes it lol)


Back to being bored today, so figured I’d calculate my travel distances for yesterday. I surprised even myself, no regrets though, spent the day going to new places, so for once I wasn’t bored.

@AJ_7 , this is why you had to wait half an hour for me to find you, this was where I was blasting around the whole time. LMAO :joy:

The ruler said 3160m

This was my whole trip in the area after I found you. So, from the station, to BK and back and then what I walked after your train left (an extra 865m).

My travel distances for yesterday:

By foot: 12.185 km / 7.571 miles
By train: 50.315 km / 31.264 miles
By car: 2.145 km / 1.333 miles

Total: 64.645 km / 40.169 miles :joy: :joy: :joy:


It was quite funny​:joy::joy::joy::joy: And don’t worry about it, I was horrible at giving directions, so I was to blame too! Those stats are impressive! Thank you for taking all this effort to see me though!


It was, I ended up learning the entire blasted station in 15 mins. Did you get back to Leeds alright?