What Toots Your Horn?


Yes, thank you! Today I went for a day trip to Sheffield too, hence the delays in visiting the forums!


How did you find it?


I went to visit a friend. And it was raining. So I didn’t see around much. But it’s quite an industrial city from what I saw. I prefer Leeds


Lol, Sheffield is known for being kinda rough.


Yeah? I did not know that. They have a place you can pet alpacas and I really wanted to see it. Don’t worry @evooba I won’t leave Brad there


Awwww haha! Pretty amazing to think that Mike and Brad are on a UK tour with you right now :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s that dude? 7? You guys having a fight? :stuck_out_tongue:

Soooo glad y’all had an awesome time together !! And happpyy to see @theearlywalker with such a lovely gift from @AJ_7 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiley::smiley: that’s soo sweet. Keep spreading love around! :heart:

She’ll :smile::smile: hehe


Paintballing, there was actually 5 of us, the other 2 couldn’t make it. It was pretty painful, got shot in the back of the hand and bled all over the gun. :joy: I still have a faint mark.


:joy::joy: sounds cool! Faint mark will faint soon lol. This sounds smthg like an Indian fest Holi :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: where peeps play with colours and paint balloons.


It’ll be there for a while, it’s already been more than 2 months and the throat one is also still there.


So you guys doing that fight every day since 2 mths?


LOL, no. We’ve only been on 3 separate days.


Lol. Imagine it 2 mths :joy:


I got my English exam back today and I got a 107%


107? How does that happen?


Extra credit I got all the questions right plus the bonus right giving me a percentage over a 100


I guess the teacher was so impressed with your answer to q15-16, that instead of giving you a mark, he simply assigned a :bagel:.


Congratulations @StephLP18 ! That is amazing!


Miracles have happened today, I went clothes shopping for trousers with more pockets, and not only did I find ones I liked on my first try but they also turn into shorts as well. Speaking of clothes, I took the shirt that you gave me, @AJ_7, for spin and it was just fine, material is nice and the size was on point.


I am so glad to hear that! I am generally really bad with getting the right size so I am so glad that it was fine!