What Toots Your Horn?


So so so happy to hear this! Congratulations also on your job application! This is such great news! I am so so so happy for you! May your good feeling last a long long long time!


Agreed with @AJ_7 !!! :hugs:
Congrats @theearlywalker !!! :tada: :tada: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :kissing_heart: :heart:


Thanx and I really really appreciate your feedback- :heart_eyes:it’s only amazing to be a part of our family- :heart: love you both sooo much @AJ_7 and @lpfan61 :hugs::hugs::heart::kissing_heart::hugs:


So proud of you that you send a Job application out!!! I cross my fingers for you,that you will get the job. And If It isn’t that job a better one will come for you! Sending you a lot of hugs @theearlywalker ! :hugs::heart:


Goooooood news ! I’m happy for you, that’s great you did it @theearlywalker ! I hope it will work! :grin::crossed_fingers:(I like your fireworks by the way :joy:)


Oh my God!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: that’s an amazing new! :smile: I am so, so SO, SO HAPPY FOR YOU :smile: :blush: Congratulations :heart: :partying_face: :sun_with_face: :blush:


That’s amazing news! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! :slight_smile:


Today I had lunch with the co-founder of a robotics company (and a couple of members of the society committee) that’s funding a project that our uni society is doing for them. We got more info on it today, apparently it’s an inter-society competition between all the STEM societies in uni. The winning team will either get a cash prize or a paid summer palcement with the company (it’s undecided yet) and there’s a very strong chance that the company will use that design (or a modified version of it) as their final product.


Nice!!! :smiley: great chance to get them knowing you! :muscle:


The guy is actually really cool, totally down to Earth and easy to talk to, he’s just entusiastic about what he does and doesn’t take it all too seriously (apart from the actual robots, he’s serious about company goals, obviously), the robots they develop are awesome. They had placement students design and build one of their protoypes in 3.5 months when an engineering company they went to said it would take a year.


That’s cool! :smiley:


I can’t say more on it because they told us a couple of not-so-public things, so I’m going to keep my mouth tightly shut, play it safe and post a link to their site. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very clever of you! Yeah,it’s understandable… :slight_smile:


Another awesome evening with @evooba. Haven’t savoured a meal that much in a very long time. And despite having done the entire day on just a single coffee, I still couldn’t finish that massive portion. :joy:


Aww sooo happy for you guys!


The meet came this close to being a total shambles, because of TFL. My plan was to get the Metropolitan line from Uxbridge to King’s Cross and then the Northern line from King’s Cross to Camden Town, but TFL were playing dirty and there was a signal failure as I was approaching Wembley Park, so that’s where all the trains were terminating. Funnily enough, it’s in situations like this that I’m in my element, quick, on-the-spot improvisation.

I ended up taking the most convoluted route and still got there in good time. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The route was as follows:

  • Uxbridge - Wembley Park (Metropolitan)
  • Wembley Park - Baker Street (Jubilee)
  • Baker Street - Oxford Circus (Bakerloo)
  • Oxford Circus - Euston (Victoria)
  • Euston - Camden Town (Northern)

The return journey was far better as I was coming from Eva’s and the Met had been fixed. The journey over was by far the worst commute I’ve ever done, I will NEVER get a job in central, no matter how much it pays. TFL need a new slogan. “TFL, here to destroy all of your friendships.” :joy:

It was all still totally worth it in the end though. @evooba , you have no idea how relieved I am that you like the deck. As it turns out, it’s really difficult to find a civilised / non-vulgar design for a skate deck. I had to scour no less than a dozen sites before I found this one. Then the doubt set in after I bought it as to whether you would like it or if I’d gone for a design that just caught my attention. There was a massive sigh of relief on my side when you said you liked it. :joy:


I what to go get the mail
and i get a package form charles ( @chigokurosaki )
So thanks for making my day

This just wonderful thank you brother


Yay for TFL? Lol

No, the deck is amazing!!! Seriously, I still can’t believe you got that for me, I’ll see where it’ll go up on my room.




As I found out, it’s some kind of special / limited edition that I accidentally bought since I know nothing about boards. Lol