What Toots Your Horn?


That’s amazing! Welcome back, bro!


Welcome back @DavidZinssler !


Spending time with my friends and having a good time together on this holiday


I’m back on the good wifi and I’ve only got a blocked nose and cough left from my ilness. I suspect it was something more than a cold considering how bad it got and how long it’s lasting. Usually colds go away in about 3 days, it’s been nearly a week this time.


I’m starting a new job on the 17th!


Congrats. :slight_smile:


Good luck to you :revolving_hearts:


Noice!! All the best!!
Also, congrats :grinning:


That’s cool! Congratulations :smile:


Thanks all! :grinning:


Congrats!! :smiley:


Congrats @melisLP !!! I wish you all the best for the new job!!!


Glad to hear you are better @the_termin8r

@melisLP Congrats! Wishing you all the best in your new job! Good Luck!


Congrats @melisLP !!! Hope the best for you!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Congratulations @melisLP ! :grin: That’s a good news!


Congratulations @melisLP


Thank you guys :heart::heart:


Wahoo!!! Congratulations! That’s great to hear :partying_face::partying_face:!!! First round is on you then!!! Cheers!! :crazy_face::sweat_smile:


Lol thanks! I’ll get on a plane right away to CA for that round! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Interesting times to come for Mexico :grimacing:
New president just came in and already opened up the “presidential palace” to turn it into cultural center for all, got rid of private jets, has been using basic transportation etc etc in the name of getting rid of corruption in the country… sounds like a monk politician lol but at least leading by example leaving behind the bs crooked wealth

First day and an agreement made with Guatemala Honduras El Salvador to boost creation of jobs and improve life so that it curbs immigration to the United states…
Hopefully it gets the Idiot country headed in the right direction :confused::smiley: At least there’s hope that at some point there will be something to be proud of finally lol