What Toots Your Horn?


Good luck!! :tada: :hugs:

14 days ago! :open_mouth: โ€ฆ its okay i am late :sweat_smile: have my welcome back hug hehe ! :hugs:


Just got my devotee badge


You should get your anniversary bage around now as well then.


Nope havenโ€™t got that yet


It might crop up later or in a day or two.


What are the requirements for the devotee badge anyway?


Sign in for 365 days in a row.


If thatโ€™s the case I wonโ€™t receive mine until Janurary. I was expecting a lot more work to be put in to achieve it lol.


Just got my anniversary badge

Funny how I got my devotee badge before my first anniversary badge though


I got mine about a week late once.