What Toots Your Horn?


@Honey8 is back on forum! So happy! :heart_eyes: :blush: :heart: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


I am happy too, but for a short while dear. Check :envelope_with_arrow:. :hugs::two_hearts: You’ve got a looong one!


Wooow!! I’ll read later… busy rn… :sweat_smile:
:hugs: :hugs:



I just got tickets to go to this show


I just seen this the other day, looks like a good show to me.


Maybe you will be able to go to the show as well then

And if you were to go we could meet up


That’s a wonderful line up. Skillet, obviously, IPrevail are awesome. From Ashes to New and Awake at Last are on my ‘to listen’ list. Some of their songs that I have already heard are amazing. Have loads of fun!


Thank you. @AJ_7


Going to be launching rockets tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t get called off at the last second like last time. I’m also being given access to the phd-only room we use for our society. That way I can get in there without needing the society leader to be there to open the door. He managed to get all committee members access. Now I just need for my ID to be updated in the system so that my card works.


And the fail of the year (so far) goes to… Royal Mail. GG guys, GG. :joy:

Thanks a bunch for the card, @AJ_7. It only just came today (I’m still putting it up though). LMAO


Wow! I sent this the day after I emailed you! It took more than a month to reach :joy: I’m so glad it finally reached you though!


I thought it might have gotten lost in the post.


Me too, I had no hope anymore :joy:


Better late than never guys!


This us Moon baby from “Moon and Me”, a new show from the creator of teletubbies. Looks good.


How daaaaare you mention teletubbies

Take those infernal monsters back to whence they came!!! :sob::triumph:


But… but… They are so cool! I dont know how much research was put on creating those characters or was it simply the genius of a trippy mind.
This one looks very nice though.


Upgraded my laptop today and going for another round of rocket launches tomorrow.


Finally got this :tada:


Actually having a real group project were I am not the “one idiot army” (as Rob would say) , doing everything myself