What Toots Your Horn?


Same for me. I never bothered to check it out until a couple weeks ago. Now I’m loving it



Great day today, met up with @alz89 and some of her friends today (thanks again for organising it) and managed to catch @evooba briefly at the end as well. Spent the late afternoon / early evening standing ominously under trees and around fences on my own in the dark with dark clothing freaking out people walking past. :joy:


Nice you had fun with Alz and Eva!! :smile:
And also for scaring people! :joy: :rofl:


I wasn’t actively doing it, but you know I stand like a telegraph pole, I’m tall-ish and am silent with resting ‘I will kill you’ face, so it can’t exactly be avoided. :joy:


At least i’m not the only one :rofl:


Make it three! Lol