What Toots Your Horn?


@theearlywalker give me a gift card for my birthday and I got a poster from the LPU

Thank you again so much dear


When you start your new job and they assume you can’t speak English because none of them can. But then you have your first English speaking customer on the phone and you leave the co-workers flabbergasted: Hilarious.


Wooow - that was a give away back at the HP-Tour m&g :blush: grats again- :thinking: and since when do they do bday-gifts?!? You are lucky dear :tada::tada:

Yaaay @gatsie :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2::tada::tada::tada: sooo cool :muscle:t2:


When someone gives you a gift card to buy something is when this happens

Thank you so much my dear


Forgot to add this, but had a wonderful time with @OneMoreLight2017 a few days ago ! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to come see me and taking extra trouble to take me to the store that had the CD I wanted! It wasn’t easy because of how crazy everything was but we managed to meet finally! So lucky to have you as a friend! Can’t wait to see you soon


I was so happy to meet you again @AJ_7 ! Spending time with you is always a pleasure :pray: Can’t wait to see you again soon :heart_eyes: I’m so thankful that we get to know each other because of the LPU!!


I am glad you guys had a great time together. @OneMoreLight2017 and @AJ_7


Just got a conditional offer for the masters course that I applied to and it’s a fairly easy one to get.


Meeting @OneMoreLight2017, @evooba, @Lilyope, @birdy1989 and the whole lot ! There were so many of you, sorry if I missed someone out. I don’t even know if some of you are on the forums. We had an absolute insane day! Thank you @evooba for getting me to the front row. Mike was just amazing, as always


Spending time with @AJ_7 @evooba @birdy1989 @OneMoreLight2017 @evowarrior5 and others that i met, was awesome! I feel so grateful to know you guys, and I hope it won’t be the last time we could see each other! :grin:


Had an amazing time in Amsterdam yesterday. Glad to have met so many of you! Until next time :tada:


Yesterday was great! Mike Shinoda was on fire! Was fun to see you guys. Made some new Friends. So awesome :grin:


@rickvanmeijel and @gatsie I knew I forgot to tag people ! Sorry guys! So nice to see you both again


Haha don’t worry AJ. It was nice to meet you again as well!!


That’s ok @AJ_7. Yesterday was just so awesome :grin:


It really was amazing to meet you all :smile:
It’s a shame I didn’t meet you @rickvanmeijel and @gatsie… Maybe we can meet each other some other time :blush:
@Lilyope I had an amazing time with you :pray:t2:


You guys absolutely killed it yesterday. I can’t even describe how amazing it was to spend time with all of you!


We are on our way back home. I’m so happy and grateful. Spending time with you guys was a pleasure! It was an unforgettable day! I will cherish this forever! :pray::heart_eyes:
It was also nice to meet you @birdy1989 !

Edit: I will write later a bit more but I’m to wasted and try to sleep a bit in the car :slight_smile:


Martijn here! Great time meeting you all, concert was absolutely incredible ;~; one of the highlights of my life for sure

Already looking forward to the next time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: