What TV series do you watch?


The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones :slight_smile:


Supernatural,American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries,Psych,Once Upon a time,Criminal Minds,Storage wars :smiley:


The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Jane By Design
Army Wives
Big Brother
Teen Wolf
Coming Home
Switched At Birth
Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory
Big Bang Theory


Right now I’ve been watching “The Tudors” on netflix. Not only is it historical, it is just downright spicy.


Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock.
That’s…it. Those three shows have ruined my life, can’t handle another one doing so.
I say that, yet I’m probably gonna watch Torchwood (spinoff of Doctor Who) soon.


scrubs. big bang theory. how i met your mother. south park. simpsons.


Game of Thrones, Dexter, Shameless (US), HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory


I’m currently watching Game Of Thrones and House M.D.

After House I think I will either watch Vampire Diaries or Camelot or True Blood.


Oh man oh man that the thread!! :smiley:

I love How I Met Your Mother! It’s definitely one of the best series I’ve seen. Also: Big Band Theory, and sometimes other stuff. Like my old time fav. The Simpsons. Don’t have much time for this stuff anyway

Not really into Game of Thrones, watched only few episodes…

Oh yeah: And my personal best tv series ever: SCRUBS


Dexter, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Justified, Family Guy.

…and even though these shows don’t run anymore, I still love 'em - The Golden Girls, Prison Break, That 70’s Show, and George Lopez. :slight_smile:


l love supernarutal xD!!!


tosh.o!!! :smiley: lol


peeks in
i like a new show called common law:D
and i started watching burn notice again


New Girl, 2 Brooke Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, OTH, Bones


The Vampire Diaries, Skins (UK), The Big Bang Theory, Grimm, NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Fringe, Desperate Housewives (used to), How I Met Your Mother, Merlin, Doctor Who, Futurama…

And that’s pretty much it ! :slight_smile:


I don’t always have time to watch TV, but when I do I watch Wilfred on FX [smile] new season just started…it’s on Thursday nights at 9PM CST


Dr. House, Lie To Me, Skins (UK).
I think it’s all =)


Doctor Who
Game Of Thrones
Stargate Atlantis
Battlestar Galactica (BSG)
Ghost Whisperer
The Glades
CSI Las Vegas
CSI New York
CSI Miami
Warehouse 13


NCIS: Los Angeles
WWE: Raw and Smackdown
The Mentalist
Men At Work
New Girl
Sons of Anarchy
Rob & Big
Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory
Savage U
Bully Beatdown
Wild 'N Out
Baby Daddy
Family Guy
American Dad
The Boondocks
South Park
Shin Chan


Doctor Who