What TV series do you watch?


How I met your mother, Fringe, Prison Break, White Collar, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Supernatural, Falling Skies, The walking dead, The Big Bang Theory :smiley:


Breaking bad, The Game Of Thrones and Underbelly (australian true life crime stories)


Dexter, Breaking Bad (Sunday’s episode was ridiculous!) and just started Sons of Anarchy!


I am absolutely OBSESSED with the shows “Teen Wolf” and “Awkward.” I’m starting to like “The Inbetweeners” as well.


The Walking Dead
Two And a half Man
The Big Ban Theory


The Walking Dead


In the moment i’m watching: The walking dead, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire, The vampire Diaries, once upon a time, Dexter, how I met your mother and some others that i can’t remember right now.


I love HBO! And currently Game of Thrones is my favorite!!

Oh, and The Bachelor…lol - guilty pleasure…


American Horror Story


Anime, One Piece, death note and elfen lied!


The Big Bang Theory, Go On, Once Upon a Time, and Falling Skies. :smiley: Amazing shows!


Supernatural (so in love with) and The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time!


i am now watching Haven!! and ARROW. Haven is on season 3 now, I started watching it in season 2, when Edge would guest star in it. the show is cool and ARROW is starting out cool.


Supernatural and One Tree Hill :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


When i get the time, I watch MODERN FAMILY and LAST MAN STANDING, i’ll throw COPS in there too. I used to watch Real World when i was in High School. I only watch HEROES and NASHVILLE because of Hayden Panettiere. :slight_smile:


I’m an addicted, I watch a lot of series at the same time. haha i’m watching dexter, revenge, the big bang theory, 2 broke girls, how I met yout mother, modern family, go on, grey’s anatomy, the vampire diaries, two and a half men and x-factor USA. I’m waiting for the new seasons of suits, game of thrones and true blood. :smiley:


I started with Breaking Bad and didn’t know anything about that series. Wow, it’s so funny [biggrin]. I just watched the complete first season on one day!


I’ve been watching Dexter on Netflix recently, but I’ve ran out of series to watch now. I know series 7 is out, but can’t find it to watch anywhere! :frowning:


-The Big Bang Theory - Tv Total -The Walking Dead

-Rock on.