What TV series do you watch?


I’m so addicted to The Walking Dead right now!!!
and also The Arrow and White Collar (:


How I met your mother, Melissa and Joey, The big bang theory and Awkward (my fav). I like comdies XD


Where are all of the Grey’s fans?? I need more people to rant about the finale with.


Recently I have been watching/catching up with:

The walking Dead
Big Bang Theory
King of Queens
Married With Children
How I Met Your Mother
Family Guy
Britain’s Got Talent
Celebrity juice


This is a place where I don’t feel like I watch too much TV. Thanks guys! lol

The Walking Dead
Grey’s Anatomy
The Vampire Diaries
True Blood
SITC (yes I know its over but I watch reruns!)
Switched at Birth
Southland (now cancelled)
The Big Ban Theory
More I am sure… hmm




The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Game of Thrones


That 70s Show, Nip/Tuck, South Park, and The League. These are pretty much the only shows i watch lately lol


Anime, NCIS:LA, Arrow, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, How I Met Your Mother, Burn Notice, Prison Break

I know, I’m really addicted to TV series xD


I only watch Breaking Bad. I have never been huge into television. I can’t wait for Breaking Bad to end this year, it will go down as the best show of all time (for me personally). I also used to like Dexter but the show has sucked hard with the past few seasons.


I currently watch just Supernatural because of being busy, but I have The Walking Dead in mind for sometime soon too. I dont like TV that much so if I have to watch a serie I watch it on the Internet. My favorite serie is a turkish one called “Kurtlar Vadisi”, which means “Valley of Wolves”, and it’ll forever be my favorite action serie [biggrin]


I’m a fan of the Game of Thrones series. And I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of BBC’s Sherlock.


Big Bang Theory is my favourite show at the moment. I’ve also been a huge fan of the Simpsons for many years and have a huge collection of memorabilia! I should also add 2 Broke Girls as well. I have actually held the swinging doors in their cupcake shop. That was pretty cool!


I love
Law and Order SVU
Vampire Diaries
American Horror Story


Now I’m watching Marvel Agents of SHIELD.
It’s not like the movie “Avengers” but it’s cool…


I like Dracula,Revenge,White Collar,Sherlock,Borgias and Tudors


I like Grimm, The Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead.


At the moment Im watching

Beauty and the Beast
Sleepy Hollow
The Walking Dead
Once upon a Time

So little time :frowning: lol


How I Met Your Mother
And many more :slight_smile: [/size]


Supernatural, the Blacklist, The Following, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, some anime shows, The Voice, Dads, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Almost Human, all NCIS’s, South Park, Ridiculousness, Fantasy Factory, Worlds Dumbest.