What TV series do you watch?


Now Im back to the Friends.


Watching Fargo Season 2 at the moment, which is awesome, also in the middle of watching Man in the High Castle :smiley:


I am a sucker for American Sitcoms
Friends, The Goldbergs, Home Improvement, Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory…I think you get the point

I am also a big Dragon Ball fan (yes that even means GT (I didn’t think it was that bad))

Like other stuff like Grimm (On final Season :cry:)
Hell’s Kitchen (Probably the only reality show I like)


Wow I posted this 5 yrs ago lol. Well heres my updated list
American Gods (hells yes!!)
L&O svu (yes still watch it from time to time)
Blue bloods (need to catch up)


13 Reasons Why


@anngelenee that show was good, but all of the news was crazy about this show.


I’ve been watching supernatural, 13 reasons why, Santa Clarita’s Diet, The Big Bang Theory… and Im SOOOO fan of How I met your mother, even if it ended like… 3 years ago or something like that?


TV shows I love? growing up, I loved ZOOM. It was a show on PBS where kids send ideas for stories, games, crafts, recipes, science experiments, etc. They also had ZOOM guests and the kids would sit down for discussions on topics that affect kids and teens. I was so obsessed with the show, especially since it was the first show to get me into arts and crafts.But that is another story. When I saw the LPUTV Team Building episode, it made me think of that human knot game the kids did on the show. Look at one of the You Tube videos from the 1999 reboot, the kids really did the same game, that the band did.I was raised on PBS since I was born. Other shows I love? MASH, Saved By The Bell, Monk, The Voice, even though they are due to allow a Linkin Park song to be sung on the show, American Idol, (Glad it’s coming back) America’s Got Talent, Law & Order (The Jerry Orbach years. Both my mom and I love his wisecracks, they really make the show) Entertainment Tonight, Jimmy Kimmell, I am a huge fan of the Unnecessary Censorship segments. I do find myself watching alot of movies on cable, depending on what’s on.


HIMYM is AWESOME!! (@theman_eddie love you for loving it). Same goes for Friends (Chandler is the best character EVER :heart:) and The Big Bang Theory, best comedies ever. I’m waiting for Young Sheldon to start airing and I also like Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Riverdale and of course (my favorite 2017 series) Legion, that 8-episode season was mind blowing!
Other than that I watch a lot of animes…


The Office (both UK and USA) were great… I wish they did more :frowning:


My mom likes Blue Bloods.


My mom loved The Sopranos, and she liked NCIS when Michael Weatherly was on, And she used to watch Criminal minds. Sometimes the classics are better than some of the shows on today. But she does love Scorpion.


Westworld, American Horror Story, Peaky Blinders, Black Mirror, Supernatural, Dexter, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Lost, House M. D.


A lot… But some are House of Cards, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Homeland, Gipsy, This is us, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, The Goldbergs, Agents of SHIELD, etc, etc…


Mostly all the big ones: House of Cards, Game of thrones, Walking Dead, Rick and Morty.
From the BBC: Doctor who and Humans
Most of the superhero CW and Marvel’s Netflix shows. Black Mirror. Big Little Lies.




I’m a sucker for nature documentary’s and anything marvel comics!!! Love it.


TRL is back. I have been DVRing it cause you never know who could stop by. I can’t wait til “Match Game” comes back for a third season. Niecy Nash from TV’s “Clean House” is a great panelist, She makes me laugh every time. Anyway here is a history lesson. Match Game borrows a routine from Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon’s routine from back in the day. Either Ed or the audience would respond in unison, "How (adjective) is/was/are he/she/they/it? " A different one every time. Also Dumb Dora was taken from an old 1920’s comic strip. She was a ditzy and clueless flapper girl. A typical question would go like this. "Dumb Dora was so dumb. (Audience in unison: HOW DUMB WAS SHE? ) . A different character and adjective every time. And you fill in the blank.


I have to admit I love a good sitcom myself. The 80’s and 90’s had great ones. The Facts Of Life is an old favorite of mine. Episodes I recommend are “Next Door”,
“Doo Wah” and their graduation episode.


My Family
Rules Of Engagement
Midsomer Murders
Death In Paradise
The Nanny
The Glades
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Boston Legal