What TV series do you watch?


Pretty little liars
Black mirror (next season soon :heart:️ )
Sherlock Holmes
The 100
The O.A
Stranger things
Ten per cent
Arrow (i’m still at the beggining)


Stranger Things
The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead
Big Bang Theory
Grey’s Anatomy
Mr Robot
Suits (although it’s getting predictable…)
South Park
The Bridge


Game Of Thrones
Stranger Things
Big Bang Theory
This Is Us
The Walking Dead
Life In Pieces
Orange Is The New Black


1.Rick and morty
2. X files
3 .Bates motel
4. Gotham


Dexter, Suits, Narcos , Stranger Things, Better Call Saul, Orange is the new black, Master of None, Black Mirror, Love , Lovesick , The OA (Netflix destroyed my social life :smile: ) and The Simpsons. And I’m sure I forgot a lot of other good ones.

Edit: This is us!!! And Modern Family :smile:

I’m a Tv series person - I’m such an addict :expressionless:


I’ve seen Black mirror mentioned a few times here - I’m guessing I need to add this to my list!


NCIS, big bang theory,doctor who…


OK - I’ve been watching Black Mirror - luckily I wasn’t put off by the very first episode - that was INSANE!!! :exploding_head: :face_vomiting::scream_cat::open_mouth::crazy_face:


Yes the first episode of the first season is (a little bit) disgusting. :joy: But keep going because the other ones are really good! (And not too much insane).


I was also happy that the first episode wasn’t my first one to watch :smile: i have friends who couldn’t watch this series because they got nightmares :see_no_evil:


I think my favourite so far is the bike one. That’s really stuck in my head.

In the context of the series - the 1st episode is awesome (not the pig bit but what it represented) - but on it’s own - and as a first episode in itself…it’s a bit much…LOL.


The episode “shut up and dance” was the one which stuck for a long time in my mind because it was so crazy to think, what people are willing to do to protect themselves when they get blackmailed… that was really heavy to watch .


I like every episode of Black Mirror but my favorite ones are White Bear, Men against fire, Hated in the nation and Crocodile.

I’ve just finished the season 4 and I don’t recommend to
have lunch if you’re watching the last episode.


I have been watching a show call mysteries at at the museum it very good I love the show and also the x files came back on tv it on old show and they put it back on the air


@hilaryfol I love the old episodes of x files! They are so so good! Have fun!


I love them too you should see the new Episode of the x files


Just finished watching “The end of the f***ing world” - and loved it, if you are looking for something to watch.
Am now watching “13 reasons why” - bit late to the party on this one…


I watched 13 reasons why this month - as you can see you are not the only one joining this late :slight_smile:️ It was really touching to watch this… It is a great series and nailed a few topics really well.


I thought I was going to get annoyed with it - but, so far so good!


Jessica Jones