What TV series do you watch?


Oh yea - I think I made a mental note to watch out for that - any good?


It has been joe kenda the Homicide hunter


13 reasons why, Black Mirror, Humans, House MD, Lost, Supernatural, Stranger things, American Horror Story, Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory and a lot of other tv series, but I can’t remember them🤔


Ok found the old one… A lot changed since then…

Monday: Raw
Tuesday: The Flash
Thursday: Supernatural, Arrow

I don’t remember if there are more D;

Shows I gotta catch up on:
Smackdown (20+ episodes behind)
Legends of Tomorrow


watch a ton of shows, but currently binging Criminal Minds on Netflix


jessica jones the flash stranger things and need to finish the end of the f***ing world


The walking dead, but its becoming very boring as of late.


I’m watching Lucifer every 6th of the month.


Just started these days with Good Girls on Netflix! Really good one - nice balance between serious and fun.
And finally season two of GLOW is on.


Starting Buffy again but this time in english, I feel like I am discovering it again :relaxed:


3rd Rock from the Sun


Started watching the US version of Shameless last night.


1 God friended me
3. Happy together
4 big bang theory