What type of Album should come out next?


I’d think an industrial metal album would be sick!


Industrial could be nice, but ultimately I want LinkinPark to continue growing. I don’t want similar sounds, I want new unique sounds. :slight_smile:


Hard rock. I need energy to keep me pumped up! Haha.


I wouldn’t mind another Living Things type of album, it has perfect balance of everything you need.


It doesn’t really matter. It just has to be awesome and good!


I wanna say they’ll stick to the sound and direction of Living Things, but its anyones guess. I’d be surprised if they take a creative leap similar to A Thousand Suns, but I’m definitely pumped for it, whatever it is.


Linkin Park is always doing somethkng new and that is very cool, I really appreciate that, and I saw that Brad is rrecording solos for the album and besodes that, Mike said that the album will be a narval ( a kind of whale) so I am
expecting a hard rock album, but anyway the new album will be cool!


I agree, I think LT type would be the best. Of course they never stop experimenting and that is awesome, but I hope they wont go into too electronic music like dubstep or sth like that because this just wont be LP.
Anyway, I have faith in LP and Im sure the album is going to be another №1 in the top charts.


I hope they just take the LIVING THINGS sound farther for the 6th album, and maybe add some more screaming and aggressive vocals this time around. I want at least one LP song that is super heavy.


a Mmm… Cookies type of album :wink:


I want to see them experiment and do whatever they can to push their sound forward like they did with ATS.


I need aggressive album, hope for this.


I would like an album that sort of combines all of LP’s previous albums’ styles in a way.


Honestly, Living Things had a great mix of everything. Rap, rock, metal - I’d love to hear another album that has everything again. There has yet to be an LP album I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed, though, so I would probably enjoy anything from them [smile]


Obviously my favourite album is Hybrid Theory, loved it since it was first released. And although Living Things was an amazing album, I felt it was a very safe album. I would love the next album to keep the core essence of Hybrid Theory, a combination of styles and sounds that define Linkin Park but I would love it to be as creative and experimental as A Thousand Suns.


They shouldn’t put out another “Linkin Park” album.


Of course it will be something new & unique, not similar to previous works. But maybe guys will please old fans and write a couple of songs in the style of Hybrid Theory.


What about something like Dubstep?


Dubstep ?

I think Linkin Park for me is always a rock band. They should keep it that way! :slight_smile:


dubstep like korn did with their path of totality. Agressive vocals with hard dubstep. If they didn’t do that i would like a harder version living things!