What was first movie you saw?


So,what was the first movie you saw.Has to be cinema or drive-in,on the big screen!For me it was Star Wars at the cicema in perth,Still my favourite movie.W:-)


the first time i was in a cinema, i was 5 or 6 years old to watch “tom & jerry” :slight_smile: and the first movie i’ve watched at the cinema was jurassic park (i’m still afraid of dinausaurs)^^


I cannot remember. Maybe something like “Lars, the Polar Bear” ??? xD


Can’t really remember. Probably Mickey Mouse or Looney Tunes


First cinema movie was “Flubber” :smiley:


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie was my first theater experience.


Jurrasic park and Power Rangers hahahahahah >> cinema

Muppets, Ultraman, superman, wonder woman,Looney & tiny tunes >> tv


No idea i was too small :smiley: but the first movies i remember watching were (i dont know what order) Polar Express and Harry Potter and Chamber of secrets and i dont remember the name (some movie about a cat and a dog, i remeber crying when the cat falls in some basket and drifts away in some lake :D) and Lion King


u know how long ago that was @.@


[quote=intheend]u know how long ago that was @.@


Ugh… That was the Sesame Street… IN REAL! D:
I still haz nightmares >.<
I was… 3 or 4 don’t know…


I remember it like yesterday, my first movie in a cinema was Free Willy 2, I was 8 years old and we went there with my class from school :smiley:


My first movie I saw was ‘STAR WARS’ & I still enjoy watching it now!

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My earliest memory of a TV show would be …


my first movie in a cinema was Pocahontas! :’)


at the cinema, probably Xuxa e os Duendes (Brazilian movie)


The first movie ive ever seen…hm… not sure but it could be “the lion king” xD


I’d love to be able to answer this but I have absolutely no idea.


longer @.@


first movie in cinema was Ten Commandments re-release, i was 5 or 6 years old. but the first movie i really enjoy was Star Wars: Episode IV.