What was the first album you heard/introduced you to Linkin Park?


What Linkin Park album was the one that got you hooked? For me it was Minutes to Midnight because that was the album that first introduced me to Linkin Park.



Hybrid Theory for me :heart:️ My brother played In The End and I was hooked. Meteora came out half a year later I think :grin:


Well the first song I heard was WID so I guess you could say MTM.


Nice! That one is my favorite album, I even have a framed vinyl record at home of it hanging on my wall.


The first songs I heard were In The End and What I’ve Done in 2008. I became a casual fan around this time. First album I really explored and listened to front to back was Living Things. From that moment on I became a really hardcore fan.


First linkin park song I heard was the in transformers and I think that was off minutes to midnight


My first album is hybrid theory that got me hooked to linkin park


Hybrid Theory for me also. I got hooked right away with One Step Closer


Same for me! MTM was the first album that got me hooked. WID was the first LP song I’ve ever heard.


The first Linkin Park song I remember hearing was “In The End” in 2001. I received Hybrid Theory that Christmas.


Well for me it was Burn It Down on MTV Then I went out and found a Demo EP 4 tracks 1 Burn IT Down 2.New Divide [ Live} 3.In The End { Live} 4.What I"ve Done [Live] Have never seen another 4 track ep since. Then I started getting into them more. Started with [ Hybrid Theory } worked my way to 2017 Not a day goes by i dont play something I am obsessed, devoted , loyal and dedicated. Even more since Chester is gone


Mine is Hybrid Theory and the song is In The End. I heard it from my cousin. I was 10 or 11. I am big fan since then :slight_smile:


Mine is Hybrid Theory and the song I heard was One Step Closer. Got hooked right away


It was hybrid theory and I’ve been a true fan ever since


The album was Hybrid Theory but the first videos i watched it’s “In The End”


Same for me… :sparkles:


I became interested in Linkin Park back in 2015 (I know that’s fairly recently, but I’ve only really been listening to music for 2 1/2 years now, so cut me some slack) when I heard the single Burn It Down on Pandora and fell in love. I downloaded the song almost instantly, and eventually heard In The End due to a friend recommendation.
I decided that since I liked these two songs so much, I might as well research the band a bit. I heard Lost In The Echo on Pandora later that day and downloaded that as well. With three Linkin Park songs under my belt, I had only begun to scratch the surface of the band’s vastly diverse catalog. I decided to go further into the band’s discography. The first full album of theirs I ever listened to (and my favorite for a few months) was Meteora. From there I just kept listening to more and eventually they were the majority of what I was listening to.


That’s a pretty cool story… I suppose I can cut you some slack too haha. Burn It Down and In The End are two great songs! Then again all the their music is pretty awesome!


Hybrid Theory. Heard crawling and that was it for me. I fell in love with LP right away after I started listening to them. But minutes to midnight was the first album I got.


“We are an Hybrid Theory army”