What was the first album you heard/introduced you to Linkin Park?


A Thousand Suns was the first full album I’ve heard. Meteora was the next. Then Minutes To Midnight, Hybrid Theory, Living Things, The Hunting Party, and One More Light.


I remember watching TRL sometime in the Fall of 2000 during my first semester of sixth grade in middle school, seeing One Step Closer for the first time, and HATING IT. “Why are there so many people in this band? Why do you need a drummer AND a DJ? Why are they yelling so much??Why do they need a second lead singer just to also yell ‘One step closer to the edge!’?” It all seemed silly.

Then a little time after that, a clip of the Crawling video (that only included the chorus) played during the credits of another MTV show and I thought “Okay they’re still trying. Still kind of basic.”

Then in the Summer of 2001 I’m hanging out by the pool at camp and someone with a DiscMan tells me to “listen to this.” He puts the headphones on my ears and it’s In The End. My mind is blown. Who is this?? This song has everything! Amazing lyrics. Seemless fusion of rock, rap, pop, and industrial. Sincerity. Wait this is THAT BAND? OH THAT’S WHY THEY HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE. THE OTHER GUY RAPS! LIVE DRUMS AND TURNTABLES ACTUALLY SOUND AMAZING TOGETHER!

Got back and had HT on repeat for a full year. It’s Goin’ Down also entered the mix and it even introduced me to turntablism as its own art because I couldn’t have IGD without buying the X-Ecutioners’ album Built From Scratch, which I also loved, and followed them for years too.

Then Reanimation came out, and upon my first listen I decided it was the greatest album ever made, and never changed my mind (I mean The Hunting Party tied it, but you get what I mean). The rest was history. Fan club member from LPU2-LPU8, purchaser and avid listener of every album since, 4 concerts (and one Fort Minor show). I’m 29 and still rock Linkin Park shirts and they will forever be my favorite band


Hybrid Theory. I listened to it soooooo many times when I was younger even if I didn’t get all the meaning of the songs because I had very bad english skills. Then I got Meteora and Live from Texas CD.
I discovered Youtube (and unlimited internet access) so I get a bit lost but always went back to LP at times.


Hybrid Theory! I first heard…one step closer and loved it and then heard…In the end and absolutely fell in love with them! It’s been my favorite song ever since! I do love all their music but that one has a special place in my heart as well as their whole band! Their music got me through alot of tough times in my life. In my opinion no band could ever come close to the talent of Linkin Park…they are beautifully gifted :blue_heart:


The really first Thing I saw from Linkin Park as a 12-13 year old child was the Music Video “In The End” after that I clicked on “Numb” :slight_smile:


Hybrid Theory when it came out; first song I listened to was One Step Closer and I was hooked (I was about 16 at the time)


Hybrid Theory. If I remember it right, the first song I’ve ever heard was Crawling. Thanks to my brother and his CDs :sweat_smile: I was around 10 years old back then ^^ 7 years past since that… wow


@willowSky I couldn’t agree more. I think Linkin Park is the most talented band. I love hearing that they helped you get through tough times. I had a bit of a rough spot during high school and Linkin Park was my go to. Always will be :grin:


Hybrid Theory! I was working in a record store at that time and we got this promo copy of OSC first and i was stuck from the very first time.


Hybrid Theory Summer 2001 with the song “Crawling” (my #2 favorite song). After hearing crawling, I heared “One Step Closer”, “Papercut” and “In the End”. I was only 9 Years old :D.

Hybrid Theory is my #2 LP-Album after Meteora.


Wow most of us was HT, not by chance it was the most awarded