What was the first movie you remember seeing in the Cinema?


Mine was Masters of the Universe in 1987 now I was born in 1984 but I remember my mum taking me and my brother to watch this movie and it was awesome for us at the time not watched it in this day in age but i still remember scenes from when i was a kid


I just remember that was one from Disney. I guess it was Toy Story or The Lion King. I was like 3 or 5 years old jaja I’ll answer to my family, maybe they can remember it jajaja


I was maybe 4 or 5 and my mum took me to an early screening of the Jungle book 2. It was in English so at the time I didn’t understand anything. I just remember not liking it and getting annoyed when she took me the next day again.


First memory of going to cinema is Peter Pan 2, that was in 2002.


First movie I remember… :thinking:

Don’t want to annoy you guys spamming this animated movie…but…I was 5 and the movie was “Beauty and the Beast”… lol :blush: :grin: :rofl:


The Lion King! Classic movie! All I remember about going was coming home and pretending I was a lion :laughing:


Honesty can’t remember, I do remember seeing LOTR Fellowship Of the Ring in the cinema when it came out which was awesome. There was one before that though and I can’t remember what it was.


Lion King! I don’t remember how old I was but I definitely was a child and I liked it way too much. Since then I wanted to see every Disney movie in the cinema :laughing:


The first movie I saw was fast and furious. The movie was so packed that i set on the steps


Im starting to feel old here lmao


Lol don’t do it. Remember age doesn’t matter.


It does when your birthday is next week lol


Oh it’s ok grandpa! You know we love your stories hehe

Mine, at a movie theater actually took a while but I believe Tarzan (go figure)
I had seen other Disney like lion king but was cheaper to wait for vcr tape :sweat_smile: we had just arrived in US


Star Wars. And I fell asleep :joy:


I’m fairly sure mine was The Lion King as well.


:scream::scream::scream: :cry: you didn’t like it??

Wait wait wait original ones or prequel ones? I thought you were my ageee :astonished: lol


Jajaja no, my birthday is not this week :'v
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Where I put my walking stick(?) Jajaja
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I think the first movie I saw in a cinema was when I was 12. Watched: Jurassic Park.


I don’t even remember I think prequel. They were very old haha


Guess, it was Godzilla in 1998.