What was the last movie you saw in the cinema?


[b]Just thought it’d be fun to see how often you guys go to the cinema. :slight_smile:

The last movie I saw at the cinema was Paranormal Activity 3[/b]


Underworld Awakening

absolutely loved it


I go to cinema usually every other month, depending of how many good movies there’s on. The last movie I saw was Puss In Boots at the end of January. The next one will be The Wrath Of The Titans in the next month, I guess.


Wrecked :stuck_out_tongue: but i thought it was kinda boring :stuck_out_tongue:


Last movie? :smiley: Hugo Cabret. ^-^


underworl awekening
and journey to the center of the earth both i love it


I last saw The Woman In Black :open_mouth: It was a pretty good movie… I go to the cinema a lot.


transformers 2!!!


I saw Puss In Boots with my family when it came out but before that the last movie is watched at the cinema was probably transformers 3.


I haven’t gone to a cinema in like 4 years 0_o. The last movie I saw was Pineapple Express xD


Last time I went to the movies was when The Hangover Part 1 was still in theaters. That was 3 years ago haha


I went to the movies today and saw Act of Valor. REALLY good movie, I recommend it :slight_smile:


This Means War.
I liked the British guy


Chronicle was the last movie i saw!=) And it was awesome! :smiley:


The girl with the dragon tattoo (:


I just finished watching The Pianist… Very moving, and worth a watch.

I’ve also recently seen The Green Lantern, which wasn’t worth the wait.

And later, I have Kung-Fu Panda 2.


The Ideas of March


This Means War :))


I’ve watched The Woman in Black in the cinema


[quote=Spring]This Means War :))

Nice movie=) Saw it too