What was the Message?


If there was ANY message in the LOST IN THE ECHO interactive video, what was it? Because i sure as hell didn’t get one haha.


Everyone has it’s own perspective on the video. It’s not just one message.
For me, the people holding the pictures were looking for the person in the pic and when that person showed up (the other people standing across them), their heart were in peace again knowing they’re ok so that’s why they vanished. That’s just me tho, I’ve heard a bunch of different ideas on what the video may be from different people :slight_smile:


Ya I guess I should have realized that everyone will have different perspectives on the video haha. Ithanks for reminding me haha. That’s an interesting view on the vid btw


Personally, I think it’s about letting go of the ones you love, even if it pains you to do so.


I got the message.
The photos remind the people how terrible their lifes were with someone by their side.
This memory consumes them until they disappear.


It’s about thinking back to how things once were, dwelling in the past shown on the pictures and holding onto those memories.
Jason Nickel, the co-director, said:
'The “Lost in the Echo” video […] shows a young man walking with a briefcase into ruined buildings in a grim future where photographs don’t exist anymore.'
The settings clearly show that we are in a place where a lot of things happened, but that time is over. The buildings are ruined because people don’t live there anymore, and the reality that once were will never come again.

The people still living here miss the old life and those of their loved ones who have died. However, never being confronted with how things used to be, it is easy for them to suppress their longing and pretend everything is fine.
The young man opens the briefcase, which contains pictures, and he gives the pictures to the people around him.
So now they look at these pictures, think back and get all choked up. The pictures show someone they loved but lost, so all the memories come back to them, taking shape of their loved ones. Finally being confronted, they are overwhelmed by their feelings, and they imagine the dead being back together with them. The dead ones, who are now standing in front of them, also starts to get choked up, whishing they hadn’t had to leave the others behind.

My grandmother is dead. I don’t think about it often; it’s just like she lives a place far away. But when I see a picture of her, everything becomes clear. I realize that she’s gone for good, and that I will never see her again. The “pool” of memories I have of her will not grow; I will experience no more situations with her that I can think back to. It will never again be like it was.

I see that in the people in the video. They’re remembering with smiles, but also with tears. Take for instance the mother who lost her daughter:
She sees a picture of her, and being confronted with the reality that she knows deep inside, that her daughter is gone, she imagines the daughter coming back to her. The daughter has grown older, she is beautiful, and she is brave and courageous even in death. The mother is overwhelmed by what her daughter has become, she is proud of her, smiling at her, and crying. Seeing that her mother hasn’t been able to move on, and also being confronted with her own loss of her mother, the daughter loses her courage and starts crying too.

Another woman lost her husband. She too imagines him being back, and she’s both smiling and crying at the sight of him. All swallowed up in the memories, she tells him that she’s alright although she misses him. He apologizes for leaving her behind, and together they remember the life they had.
A young man lost his girlfriend or sister. He’s angry with her because she died; he blames his pain on her. She feels sorry and helpless, begging him not to blame her.
An old lady once lost her son. She has the hardest time letting go, so when he comes back, he is still the little boy he was when he died. She’s struggling to control her feelings, feelings that have haunted her all these years, but she can no longer hold them back. The boy is all alone in death, afraid and sad (it’s what she imagines), but being back with her now, he slowly regains courage/hope. (Alternatively, he could be her grandson, and then he might have grown a bit)

They all scream out their agony, out to each other and to the world, finally letting out the thoughts and feelings that they’ve tried to hold back all these years. Then they relax and imagine that they disappear so they can join their loved ones in the afterlife.

The pictures are left on the floor, and the young man with the briefcase picks them up. They no longer show the daughter, husband, girlfriend and son/grandson; they now show the mother, wife, boyfriend and mother/grandmother - the people he gave the pictures to. Or did he? Was it all inside his mind? Were the people on the pictures people HE lost? Is he the only one left?

It tells us to embrace the life we have now and live it to the fullest, so that we can think back with content instead of regret. If the people you love died a week from now, what would you think back wishing you had done in that last week?


I feel like this video is showing how each one of us has a certain someone they want to see again. Hence the apparition of the people in the photo into real life. All our suppressed feelings for that someone is finally able to be poured out.

Hurt, Lost, Love.

Even promises (as the song goes. Just think maybe the song can be related too).
Maybe they each promised something towards that missing someone but not being able to keep the promises. Then, seeing that missing someone appear before you again and making you remember how you had promised them something, your guilt and regret comes hitting you. It appears you can’t take it anymore, so you lash out. That someone probably understands that it couldn’t have been your fault so both of you are screaming just to release the feelings kept inside.

This is my interpretation though. How I feel when I watch the video. I can relate to it somehow so I guess this is how I see myself if I were one of those characters.