What was the setlist to your first Linkin Park Concert



This was my first Linkin Park concert set list

What was yours? Would love to see all the different setlists :slight_smile:


Mine was on Monday, apparently we got 26 songs.



This was mine

This was Monday’s btw: http://lplive.net/shows/db/2017/20170703


My first concert was in 2007 :slight_smile: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/linkin-park/2007/stadion-lski-chorzow-poland-4bd7e34e.html


This was mine:

2007-04-28 Berlin, Kesselhaus


This was mine at the Astoria, quite short but it was amazing.






@the_termin8r wait…Mondays show was your first show…

How old are you?!?


Should be 33 according to the date of the first @the_termin8r release…


I was at that concert as well

I remember Mike saying they had to cut the setlist because they didn’t relized that the place turned into a nightclub


Yeah it was :joy: and I’m 19. How old did you expect me to be? (Everyone seems to think I’m older than I am :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I didn’t knew that. I thought you go to the concert whenever it is there in your area.
Great!! :thumbsup:



This was mine!


With the writing you have provided with The Unity of Us and i guess the way you conduct yourself on the forum

You have maturity beyond your years young one


So I keep getting told :joy: I don’t think the impression is that great but it’s good to know people take me seriously. Thanks for the compliment :thumbsup:


yep! i agree


Haha oh right I see, I didn’t know that. It didn’t feel short at the time, and also was like one of those random one off shows before the album release if I remember correctly.


I’ve actually through you’re my age or so lol


LOL. It’s funny the level of anonymity a computer screen brings.