What was your favorite LP concert?


My best, and first, LP concert was two days ago at Houston. They played the best concert with Incubus and the guys in front of me offered me and my cousin free beer all night. What was yours?


8/15/12 Jones Beach, it was much better than 2/4/11 MSG
Read about it here http://lpunderground.com/forum/the_underground/2074243


8/30/12 Englewood,Co Honda Civic Tour


Project revolution 08/08


Telekom Streetgigs Berlin 2012


Munich, Germany, 21/08/2008. That was one hell of a gig, even though we were dying of heat.


Camden, NJ 8/17/12 Susquehanna Banks Center. I’ve only been to two shows so far. After witnessing my first concert at Madison Square Garden on 2/4/11 I told myself no other concert I will go to will top it. But LP pulled it off at Camden and set the standards extremely high. Hopefully future LP shows I go to will top the Camden show because that would be one hell of a concert then!


I have seen Linkin Park every tour since 2000, and even saw them in 1999 at a festival. The only one I missed was when they cancelled from chester being sick, so only one show or tour that I have not seen in 13 years. For me it is a tie between 2004 show when P.O.D. opened for Linkin Park, Linkin park playing the Summer Sanitarium tour with Metallica, Limp Bizkit and the Deftones, and now the Camden NJ show this year after the Summit at Susquehanna Bank Center. All three shows were incredible, and defined a different sound and era for Linkin Park. This years was incredible with the summit and hearing the full range of albums from HT to LT was awesome. Classic LP with Metallica and Bizkit though, is hard to beat or playing with P.O.D. All I give a TIE lol


There are so many great concerts I’ve watched on TV, YouTube and everywhere. But the best is concert I’ve been to. :wink: “Bangkok, Thailand 2011” [biggrin] It was raining but really great. I love the way we rocked in the rain! [smile][smile]


House of blues may 2012 was my 2nd lp concert and just an amazing experience. Was right by the stage center. The fact that it was an Lpu only concert was cool. Only diehard linkin park fans and the energy was amazing both the crowd and lp.


Linkin Park live at Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil
This was Linkin Park’s biggest show ever, with over 80,000 in attendance.

I was a kid and I don’t remember very well but I was there. (that’s why 2004 concert is not in my list, ok? hehe)


The one I was at Saturday =) cuz it was my first one [biggrin]


PR08 @ Alpine Valley. The set list was phenomenal and to have Sweet Child of Mine mixed with Bleed It Out was incredible.

I have to admit, though, that despite low expectations (A Thousand Suns World Tour was my least favorite of the 8 or 9 concerts I’ve been to), the Honda Civic Tour comes second. The set list was almost as good (moar QWERTY plz) and Sabotage set it off.


Probably House Of The Blues, 18.05.12
Very small, very intimate, very powerful! :slight_smile:


The best LP show I have ever been to was in Manchester, NH on the MTM Arena Tour. It was simply amazing, I don’t know what made that show so special, but it was. I have been to 15 LP shows and that one was definitely the best.


I dont think anyone will say a THOUSAND SUNS TOUR as the favorite lol. I think the old school 2000 to 2008 will be the tops, and now 2012 they came back stronger then ever.