What was your First Linkin Park Album?


Mine Was Minutes to Midnight.After listening to What I’ve Done an Bleed it Ou,I had to buy it…[smile][biggrin]


My 1st was Live in Texas. In put In The End and Numb in the repeat all long in the day.


Hybrid theory! Heard one step closer and I was hooked! Was absolutely obsessed with that album and have been with them ever since!!


First one I ever bought was A Thousand Suns, but Hybrid Theory is my Fav!! Just put In The End on Repeat and zoned out


Minutes to Midnight


Hybrid Theory, right back in the year 2000!




Minutes to Midnight was also my first album. Followed by Hybrid Theory > ATS > LIVING THINGS > Meteora


Reanimation… Love at first ‘heard’ lol[biggrin]


Hybrid Theory :slight_smile:


My first album was Hybrid Theory. I got to know LP 'cause a friend of mine was a huge fan of “Crawling” and I end up falling in love too after “In the End”.

Since them I’ve been buying all their albums.


Hybrid theory as soon as it came out :smiley:


Hybrid Theory of course :D!!! I’m a fan since 12 years Old and more now :smiley:


Meteora. I bought it after I heard “Somewhere I Belong.” :smiley:


I first hear In the End in 2003 then Numb. I was hooked then and there!


The first Linkin Park album I got was Meteora, which was quickly followed by Hybrid Theory and Reanimation. I asked my Mom to buy it for me for Christmas after hearing Breaking The Habit on a music channel. That was one of my favourite Christmases.

After that I kept an eye out for Hybrid Theory but never came across it, so ended up buying it online somewhere. I was thirteen at the time so it makes it around 2004. It makes me laugh because before then I had said some self-righteous shit like “I am never going to get into music” and “music is crap” the way kids do. Then Linkin Park turned it right around and I’ve never looked back since.

As Meteora was my first Linkin Park album, I’ve always ranked it higher than Hybrid Theory.