What was your first VINYL album


What was the first album you ever bought on Vinyl? It’s okay if your first was a relatively new album, everyone has to start somewhere. Feel free to put the rest of your collection too!
My first was actually Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto, since then I purchased A Thousand Suns, Blueprint 3, Blizzard Of Ozz, and Love Songs from the beatles :slight_smile:




I don’t own a turntable. For me, CD’s are more practical, because they are small and you don’t need to turn them. And lately I buy music as MP3 more often. But that’s a matter of taste. So my last vinyl records that I bought, date back to the 80’s. I remember one of them. It was Madonna - True Blue.

That reminds me to a funny story. I pretty much liked Madonna while a was teenager. And during that time (without any internet) it was usual that music magazines published post adresses of the artist, to get in touch with them. So I wrote a letter from Germany to Madonnas Adress in the US. No answer arrived, I became a little dissapointed, but I forgot about it. Believe it or not, but almost two years later I got mail from US and it was an autograph card from Madonna. That’s crazy right?


I’ve got some vinyls from my mom, never bought one. I have the '82 MJ’s Thriller 12"


Mine might seem a bit random but here they are:
ATS, Cats aus cast recording, Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon OLC recording, Les Miserables Broadway cast and an ALW collection. Now I need a player.


Hey theres nothing random about it, my parents have a mary poppins one as well as a los angeles olympics soundtrack vinyl lol theres a few more random ones too


Oh goody, what a fun question. Mine 1st vinyl album was Michael Jackson’s “Bad”… I was a little nothing, jamming hard…& Madonna’s album with the blue background… Had the song border line…the album title escapes me right now.


The first one was Sharon Lois and Bram from The Elephant Show and I was like 4, hahaha! I have a pretty stellar long term memory but definitely even it out with the complete lack of short term. I literally forget names only seconds after hearing them…


Sorry I was going somewhere with the memory thing - but yeah, I actually remember getting that vinyl and singing that 'SKINAMARINKY DINKY DINK" song…lol


NIRVANA´s IN BLOOM (but I gave it to someone,who loves it more than I do)
and - of course


Loving the answers, keep them coming! I love seeing the diverse taste of music everyone has


A Thousand Suns
Look: http://lpunderground.com/users/ZTImoXGM/blogs/3192253


I still don’t have one. :frowning: But i’ll buy The Godfather Soundtrack vinyl someday.


Laugh all you want but my first vinyl album was Madonna’s Confessions On a Dance Floor. And then I bought A Thousand Suns.


In my parents’ bedroom, my dad used to have a record player. He tossed it years ago, though, since it kept scratching any record that he played on it. He eventually sold/tossed all his records and has since been using an iPod.

As for me, I don’t have any vinyls of my own, outside of the vinyls that were included in the A Thousand Suns box set. Although, from what I’ve heard people say about them the sound quality is the best around.


Wow, my first was Mylo Xyloto too :3
Bought it with my friend when I went for practice to japan.
Actually I don’t have the gramophone or some kind of this player device, but it was a collector’s edition with a book with wide photo’s from the latest concert and scans of Chris’s notebook about making the album and lyrics. Poster, Stickers with the symbols of the songs and stencils with big “Mylo Xyloto” and alphabet of the same type as the original Mylo Xyloto inscription. In the middle of the book there is a thing… well i don’t know how it’s in English, like in children’s book when you open it and there like 3D models made of cardboard. Looks pretty cool, because it’s really going with the style of the whole album. And of course vinyl and cd version of album. :3


my very first vinyl albums were Phil Collins’ Face Value and No Jacket Required.