What Would You Do, For A M&G Pass?


I’ll start first.



Seriously, people like you have got to go.


[quote=Chemist999]Seriously, people like you have got to go.


[quote=purrfect][quote=Chemist999]Seriously, people like you have got to go.


I’d probably just enter a contest or LPU drawing. ha! [wink]


Seriously, what is there to do other than to click the “Enter” button on the right M&G page, keep your fingers crossed and wait for a confirmation email.


Ehh, I’d love to tell you, but I’m sure my reply would make anyone around blush and will be removed in less than no-time. :wink:



As long as you’re a member of the LPU, and you sign up for one when the band plays your city, you’re guaranteed at least a shot. Don’t be too desperate about it. Eventually your time will come.


Lets see what would I do… Click the enter button and wait.

LP is not like Justin Bieber where fan are going nuts for stupid reasons. Its all about their music and inspiration.


geez… what a drag… ~


Someone is selling his/her M&G pass on LYN forum @ 750 MYR