What would you like for LP Album #6?


Ok, so basically, in recent LP news, Chester has been announced as the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. When interviewed with the band, Chester said that they were currently writing new music with a possible new STP album on the way, and released new song “Out of time”. He also stated that this in no way would take away from his passion for Linkin Park and that the other members of LP were supporting him in this new venture.
Months ago however, LP were saying that after touring and doing the score for Joe Hahn’s new film “The Mall”, they would start writing for LP Album number 6. It seems this may now be on the back burner (although after work with STP, the fresh creativity for LP could be great!)

Sooooo, even though Album #6 could be a way off, if you had a say in the writing style of there next album what would it be for the great Linkin Park?

(PS: Sorry for the long story leading up to the question but I am a bit of an LP geek. Hehehe!


Ok I’ll start.
I would like to see just one song that is created purely by a sample that Mr Hahn has been messing with mixed with a very basic beat. If a song could grow from that then that would be awesome!


If they do another album like Living Things, I’d be happy. But who knows what direction it will go in.


Maybe they’ll try something new ;D I really have no idea.


hmmm i suppose id be ok with anything, as long as they keep doing what they are doing. everything is good that they do so bring it on lol


I’d love to hear some more songs that are in the same vein as “Roads Untraveled” or “Castle of Glass”. I usually end up loving everything they do even if it has to grow on me. I like a lot of different types of music and love hearing all the various types of influences in their music.


i dont care what it will be , how it will be etc etc

all im asking for is that they dont change one thing
their epic level of epicness!


It would be cool to get another rap track like Hands Held High. Until it Breaks was cool but completely different in style.


NU-METAL, no more ‘pop’!!! (Kidding)


[quote=An Van Oppens]NU-METAL, no more ‘pop’!!! (Kidding)

pop? they never make pop music
the heck


i would like there to be alot of rap, scratching and screaming but alot of non screaming songs aswell


LP can do another collaboration thing, or also have a Reprise version of a select few popular songs.