What would you say to LP if you could meet them?


So, I recently won meet and greet and I’m hoping that when I meet them I’ll be able to speak and not go blank. Out of interest and advice, I wanted to know what you guys would say if you could meet them or if you have already met them- what did you say?


Keep in mind that m&gs are short, like 10 to 20min tops. So besides the “hey, what’s up” thing there’s no room for much more really. Just be yourself, be talkative and not shy! The guys love it if you can actually talk to them and not blank out… If you really wanna ask them something go ahead and do it, they’ll be happy to answer and if it’s something that will drag their attention a lot, they’ll keep talking to you while the go down the line.
Now, if you need to say more, you can always write them a letter and hand it over to one of them during the m&g. They read everything afterwards :slight_smile:


Ah thanks that really helps! :slight_smile: