What're your favourite movies?


Fight Club
Thank you for smoking
Star Wars (lV-Vll)
The Last Samurai
Moon (Very awesome)

I have plenty of other movies I love but these are the ones I could basically watch any time and an infinite amount of times.


I’ve never heard of that :confused: maybe because of our localization


Ok here’s a longer list that is still probably missing stuff.

7 psychopaths
Terminator 2
Star Wars
Ex Machina
Pirates of the Caribbean
V for Vendetta
Edge of tomorrow
Hot fuzz
Batman Begins
Now you see me (need to see the second one)
Transporter (not the new one)
Iron man 1
Transformers 1
RED (1 and 2)
The expendables 1
The martian
Bourne trilogy
Indiana Jones trilogy
Back to the future trilogy
Die hard 1-3
MIB (1 and 2)
Spider man (1 and 2)
I robot
The incredibles
Tropic thunder
Toy story trilogy
Tower Heist
Beverly Hills cop (1 and 2)
The dictator
Jurassic park 1


It’s an 80s film with tom cruise, he’s a fighter pilot


I still need to watch Top Gun.


ah, now i remember. Our localisation calls it “The Best Shooter”


Top gun is kinda idiom which is translated like “the best shooter”.


Adding to my list:

Fifth element

From Paris with love


Resident Evil 1 / 2
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
The Addams Family
Young Frankenstein
Star Trek
Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Beyond
Interstate 60: Episodes of The Road
American Sniper
The Hurt Locker
Battle Royale
Four Rooms


I’m sorry but I hated Gravity. It was just 1.5h or a woman screaming and breathing heavily and doing stupid things.


I didn’t pay any attention to the acting. I loved the atmosphere they made there. It felt so empty and dead. That’s the point for me. I don’t really remember the plot.


If you like space ,empty and dead then Moon is a film for you.


that film is so strange. I was also dissapointed by the open ending


Of Moon? The ending was pretty clear to me.


The second clone got back to Earth, spread the word, the company started losing in the stock market, it’s assumed that an end was put to the cloning. And after 3 years the second clone probably deteriorated and died.


I ike Moon. Nice movie. The topic also revealed in Oblivion.


smetto quando voglio (it is a italian comedy)
the fault in our stars
divergent, insurgent, allegiant
la vita è bella (life is beautiful)
the green mile
green street hooligans
lo chiamavano jeeg robot
La grande guerra
inglourious basterds
django Unchained
Hateful Eight
Veloce come il vento (It is an Italian movie)
the wolf of wall street


I’m too thick to understand those films. I didn’t even finish Inception. I was understanding 80% of Inerstellar up until he got into the bookshelf, it lost me there.


Totally forgot these:

Short Circuit 1 & 2
Guardians of the Galaxy
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
The Terminal
Memoirs of a Geisha
Mrs Doubtfire
The Butler
Oeroeg [One of the few Dutch movies I actually love]
Ciske De Rat [Another Dutch movie]
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
The Final Cut
Patch Adams
The NeverEnding Story
The Hobbit
Independence Day
I Am Legend
After Earth
I, Robot
Seven Pounds
Made in America
The Associate
Corrina, Corrina
A Knight in Camelot
The Book of Eli
The Equalizer
John Q.
The Nutty Professor
Trading Places
The Blues Brothers
Driving Miss Daisy

Holy crap, the list feels incomplete but I am tired as heck. I might come up with more later.


Adding to my list:

True lies

There’s probably more.


Yesterday watched Hateful Eight. Those dialogues add the movie to my list.