Whats the deal with the M&G for the Camden NJ show?


I applied for a meet and greet last month for the Camden show and now on the listing you can no longer apply and it says “n/a”. Does anyone know what the deal is with that? Is there no meet and greet for this show any more or is it just full?


I could be completely mistaken, but I believe there is no M&G because that’s where the summit is being held.


The Summit’s there…no M&G b/c you go to Summit and should get a M&G with the boys! But you need a Summit pass in order to get in!


Like everybody is saying. There is no M&G for the Camden show on the 17th because the 6th International LPU Summit is happening before the show. A M&G will most likely be held as one of the Summit activities as done at previous Summits. The events for the Summit have not been announced yet but my guess is that a M&G will happen during it.


That’s a real bummer that there will be no M&G in Camden for those of us who were unable to snag a pass to the summit. I realize they’re already doing something great for the fans that day and an extra M&G would be exhausting, but this is the first time I’ve been able to afford a membership to LPU and I really wanted to meet the band. Womp womp.