What's the last text message you have recieved?


Hi! Just wanted to add another game to the forum to make it more lively. So here we go! Let us know what was the last message you received. (We will ask for further details and make the situation awkward later evil laugh) :stuck_out_tongue:


“Ok. [name] woke me up with his snoring. Just remember check out is 10.”


haha. mine was from the service provider informing how many calls i missed while my phone was switched off. :stuck_out_tongue:


it sound like paradies ( after me telling my friend what christmas cookies i am going to make this year)


@haileyjade what cookies are we getting?


those @amitrish and maybe some more… i am not quite sure yet :smiley:


I don’t really use text messaging that much. The last one I got, was a monthly info-alert thingy which all Dutch citizens receive every 1st day of the month.



‘There’s no s sorry’ <-- from a friend from the lpu, trying to get me back into the lpu forums


“I want to knock the air” :o


Sounds like a good friend :wink:


nah, he’s a loser :wink:


… how can you knock on air…
nvm i just tried it…


“Butt face”


‘took you long enough’


Dear LPU soldiers, we have our official baker here @Haileyjade :stuck_out_tongue:


big fan of random-air-kicking. Maybe someday hey will recognize it as an international sport hehehhehe


@amitrish :smiley: hobby baker ! only hobby so i sadly dont have much time to do it


i wanted to post the whole random conversation…


So… It is your favorite song