What's the most precious (special) LP item you have?


Wanted to know what was your most “my precious” LP item you own?

I have a cassette that my brother in law gave me! He met LP in the hollywood streets in the 90s (they we not cery known). He worked there so he took the Demo and kept it cause he thought it was something special!
Last year, i got it sign in my M&G :smile:

Share your “precious”


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I feel like they are different enough. This one is more like sentimental and important stuff that people have, the other is like what the average Linkin Park fan has. I saw your comment, which kinda merged the ideas, but I think this is the better place, since you said yourself that there are no “essential” items

My most precious items are my LPU8 shirt and sweatshirt. They are basically falling apart so much I wore them so much. Also, not the one that came with the package, the Rufus shirt. I love it so much


Ok, I see your point. The other one is like what you should have as a fan while this one is more like what you love the most of the items you already have. Fair enough!

I guess mine is a pick of Brad’s. With him being the reason I started playing guitar myself it’s nice having something he used at a show, like that pick has some “power” or something.


The Rising Tied signed by Mike :stuck_out_tongue: And Hybrid Theory signed by LP, in my first meet&greet with them here in Portugal :slight_smile:


I think it’s my Hybrid Theory cassette/HT Special Edition/items from LPU XIV or ticket from Wroclaw, Poland 2014 - my first LP show.


I´ve a signed original Photo from the band, it was a music for relief campaign or donation


My signed ticket from house of blues concert in lLA that I won tickets to through share to earn program from lpu