What's worth watching


What’s worth watching? I’ve had Netflix for a while, first I got it for a free trail and after I never cancelled it. It’s awesome, with the new live show Death Note, haven’t seen it. To being able to rewatch the shows that I like.

Recently I got to watch all two seasons of a show called Legends of Tomorrow. It’s a crossover show from The Flash and Arrow and it’s pretty good.

So this thread is for naming off shows you like or think someone else would like or whatever.

What are you watching past or new shows on Netflix or not.


From Legends of Tomorrow, like I do with any new actor I’ve never known before. I look into them…turns out the actor who plays Captain Cold played on a show called Prison Break…waiting for season 3 of LOT…looks like I’m going to be watching PB.


I remember watching Metalpocalypse. Some episodes are just poop, some are too awesome. Don’t watch that if you’re not ready for black humor, blood, violence, etc.
Yet also Futurama is one of my favorites
And Black Books - a small, 18-series but very nice show
Now I don’t have much time for shows. The free time I usually spend for videogames, lol


Stranger Things (series)


The magicians is a good show


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


I really like Voltron legendary defender, if you like animation i really recomended it, its on netflix, so give it a try


Hmmm, it’s nothing gory is it…