What's your fav song at LP One More LIght Live?


For me…all
I can’t decide my self about one :confused:


for me definitely sharp edges and one more light


awesome, no doubt :+1:


Love the whole album but for me there is something extra special about Nobody can save me, Sharp Edges and Crawling :heart:


Leave out all the rest - I love the huge intro.
Numb - his voice in this song is soooo different to earlier versions (IMO), same as above actually.
Sharp Edges, and OML.


Sharp Edges, Invisible, Leave Out All The Rest and Bleed It Out are my top ones.


One more light live and Crawling


My favorite is Crawling. Such a good performance


@moocho, @neeksnz, @melissa320, @hilaryfol and @sreuzn an amazing album with great vocals, no doubts…
I prefer this kind of choice, the live ones :heart:


I do too. I love hearing the passion from them and crowd


How do you pick just one?

Invisible and Sorry for Now, because I love to hear Mike’s voice.
Heavy because it’s how I feel many days.
One More Light because of the loss of loved ones including Chester and it also reminds me that I need to keep going, not only for myself but for my daughter. I listen to it everyday, many times in the day.


@melissa320 that’s it :slight_smile:
@annamarie31 we don’t…:slight_smile: I love all, like i said before :slight_smile: I hear the cd every day, at least one time. Some days i cry, not only because Chester is dead, but even because the letters are great…they are lessons of life :heart::heart: Think you are a brave mamma :kissing_heart:


The intro with Roads Untraveled gets me every time, it blew me away on the first listen.
Love the whole album, so grateful they released it x


:notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::hearts: Me too!


Totallllly agree!


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What are you doing right now?

ONE MORE LIGH :heart_eyes:


Sharp edges​:metal::facepunch::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Sharp edges :heart_eyes:


Boy does that look bad without context :rofl:

Sharp edges as well because of the lightness in Chester’s voice :smile: