What's your Favorite Linkin Park Song?


Let us know what you fav song is and why…

Tell us what you love about it, did it inspier you, give you hope…??



Ok…usually it makes no sense to me to choose one song - because it seems like each one exists for one special feeling. LP always saved my a** , in all that emotional ways…Songs like Breaking The Habit + Blackout (and too many other ones - you know what I’m talking about, I can’t write them all down…) really pushed me in the right direction again and I’d be dead without them, no doubt. And I love it, that I don’t have to choose a song, I don’t ever really want that!..

It is just a few weeks ago, that I was sitting in my bed, with my magical starlight on (little lamp, that brings coloured stars on the walls), at night, listening to music with my headphones, and suddenly in shuffle Waiting For The End appeared…Nothing new so far…

After a thousand times (±?!) listening to it, I don’t know why, but this time I was so lucky about that song, that I was just way too excited… And knowing, what happens next in the song + the fact, that it’s happening right now… all that colours(not the light, the song’s ones!!!) and that noise(!!!), the voices and how that song is getting higher and higher and higher and it doesn’t stop while you swim in that universe of…everything…-that was just too much!

I was so ultra overwhelmed, that I really felt like I was exploding from the inside…
My whole body was shaking, I was way too lucky and like an energyball flashing through my veins - it really felt like I had an orgasm… I wasn’t even moving, but my body was wet after that!
And I sit here with a big fat grin in my face now, so that my cheeks start hurting…and I know, I can never find the words to describe this feelings to you…but I think it sounds like this or rather like Waiting For The End…[biggrin]

I always see colours to songs, I always feel anything …but in all that 9.222 days, that I’m on this planet now, I’ve never felt anything like this just because of a song before…
I really just know this feeling from a physical orgasm… (And I listened to Depeche Mode(!) and all the other LP songs…)

It’s just the whole song, the feeling, the idea to fix my life and this big will to hug the whole world…WAITING FOR THE END is perfection and when I die, I’ll tell god! He should know that…

(There where no drugs and no sexual stimulation in this game - I swear! Just the song inside of me and me inside that song - I think the music and me had sex in that moment…hihihi…I should marry this song!..maybe I’m pregnant and we get many little endings…[biggrin]ahhhh,sorry that was too much!..No one can say there’s no sex in LP!)





Breaking The Habit
the most emotional and sentimental song ever


My all time FAVORITE song by LP is…

What I’ve Done


CASTLE OF GLASS…such a beautiful song!! can’t get enough of it!


Mine would have to be Bubbles or No laundry


With You


Waiting for the End


The Messenger definitely.


Burn it down, Lost in the echo, when they come for me…


without a doubt…“HANDS HELD HIGH”

Here’s to praying for the safety of our U.S. Military & Allies in harms way. Hoping for ALL of you to be re-united with your families and friends soon! CHEERS


I’m not sure, I like all musics, really !!! but Iridescent helped me with a difficult time in my life, it gave me hope to move on my life, and just let some things go !!!


Numb because it explains my mother and I’s relationship to a T!


Numb…I love this song so much!


Well… there a lot…

Don’t Stay?


A Place For My Head. It was my first Linkin Park song and got me into rock in the first place.


[quote=Hybrid_MaTT_]Mine would have to be Bubbles or No laundry


Papercut & Castle of Glass

Oh cmon guys… this is too hard. I have a fav song from each album! lol


“Hands Held High” and “Powerless” have always been close to me.
Recently “Lost In The Echo” is really motivating for me…feels like the lyrics are exactly what i feel like saying to some people. Gives me that " me against the world " feeling. Feels great!