What's your Favorite Linkin Park Song?


Favorite song? If I had kids I’ve have an easier time choosing a favorite


My Favorite is the one that started the obsession for me:



Points of Authority - loved the vibe the very first time I heard it. Awesome guitar hook and relatable lyrics.

You like to think you’re never wrong - you live what you’ve learned


Not easy, I can’t chose just one, but Faint, Lost in the Echo and Breaking the Habit are really good.


[biggrin]At the moment mine is the (leave out all the rest demo) from the lpu 9 demo cd


papercut : )


Breaking the habit!


Leave Out All The Rest. Favourite song by far.


With You/Powerless


I love all their songs, but I have to say Lies, Greed, Misery. I feel that way about several people in my life lol. I swear I don’t relate to anyone’s music quite like LP’s! One a side note, Depeche Mode Useless is amazing as well


The Catalyst, I don’t know why, but this song is very special for me, in fact the whole ATS is special.


My December is my favorite.
But I love them all!!!


[quote=Rods]The Catalyst, I don’t know why, but this song is very special for me, in fact the whole ATS is special.


ATS is my favorite LP album! It’s cohesive with standout awesomeness all over.


Runaway! -


a place for my read


So hard to pick just one but…I would have to say “Papercut”


I’m loving She Couldn’t and I don’t know why it’s not in Hybrid Theory, but Numb has a special meaning for me.


Such a loaded question haha.
i absolutely love all of their songs, and there’s not one on Living Things that didn’t impact me in a significant way. But my ALL-TIME favorite would have to be Breaking the Habit. That song was the themesong to my life for a while, and I have LP to thank for being there with their music when I needed it. Following that, would probably be Don’t Stay, Ill Be Gone, Castle of Glass, and With You


Until ATS my favorite had always been Points of Authority, but the second I heard Blackout I was instantly in love with it. Still am, though Castle of Glass is definitely a close second…so for me I’d have to go with a top 5:

Castle of Glass
Points of Authority
Breaking The Habit
In Pieces


Leave out all the Rest