What's your Favorite Linkin Park Song?


Good question.
I don’t why but whatever song Linkin Park do, I love it. I could never separate myself from them, they’re my life. :heart:

  1. I started with having What I’ve Done as favorite song of all the time.
  2. Then it became Castle Of Glass with I fell in love at first listening.
  3. After a while Numb became my favorite (even if I was still in love with What I’ve Done since I chose Castle Of Glass, it was like as I listened to it I felt many different feelings, I loved it and I still do).
  4. What I’ve Done e Numb were equivalent until there was a period when I always listened to Faint, after I realized that this song brought me luck, it became my favorite one.
  5. After a long, long time where I found out other songs and listened to the ones I lost a bit the interest in Faint, but it was still my favorite one. Some weeks ago, after I realized my heart cried by joy listening to What We Don’t Know, it became my favorite.

But who knows, I really love them all, maybe one day I will change again.


I have never been able to separate the songs from the albums. When Minutes to Midnight was released in 2007, I was at the beginning of trying to leave my abusive husband for the sake of our children but he was terrorizing us. At that time I was working in Boston, 2 1/2 hours one-way from where I live and the entire Album of Minutes to Midnight sang to me in my car for 5 hours every day and gave me hope that everything would be OK some day. Therefore, that album will always live in my soul.


I’m sorry you had to go through that. No one deserves it and should never have to be on that situation. Im glad Minutes To Midnight helped get you through it.
Hopefully now everything is excellent for you!
And, hi fellow Bostonian! Finally someone else from MA!


Hi - It’s so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. Things are definitely better now. Getting away from an abusive situation really helps to move life forward. Thanks, again, for being there for me tonight! Hope to hear from you again. Peace.


We’re all so proud of you, you’re really strong, keep fight Soldier! We’re by your side :heart: