What's your favorite song of all time?


My favourite song at the minute is:
LP based - Heavy,
NOT LP BASED - Alice Cooper - Stolen Prayer


My favourite song is One step closer
everywhere. every time.


My favorite songs of all time is linkin park numb i love this song because it remains me how i feel sometimes.


Songs now:
LP - With You
Not LP - Ordinary World by Hit of the House for the Evil Within 2 (originally done by Duran Duran)

My songs keep changing every week or something like that!


I’ve got a group on Facebook about Numb reaching a billion views. How would you feel if we have a good chance of getting there within a few months?


I think I’ve seen some post about the billion views :slight_smile:


was it on here or on Facebook


Facebook :slight_smile:


Yes, there’s a group called “Linkin Parks Numb to a Billion Views”. The goal is to get Numb to reach a billion views and beyond that. If you are interested, please join!


Ι show it in another group but I will join :slight_smile:


Thank you, we need all the help we can get!


Wow i feel it be great . Can any one join.?


Oh okey so awesome thst u do have a group that do that.


Anyone can join as long as they are willing to get Numb to a billion views on YouTube. Currently, we have over 1900 members but if you would like to join, you are free to


Shout- tears of fear


Black hole sun by soundgarden


The Warmth by Incubus


Now it’s Breaking The Habit and Nobody Can Save Me


At this moment leave out all the rest and no more sorrow


One more light :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: