What's YOUR favourite LP hit or album?


Personally, I love Meteora - Easier to run.

What about you ? [smile][biggrin]


Favorite LP Album - Reanimation
Favorite LP Hit - …too many to name [biggrin]

What's your guy's favorite Linkin Park album

Somewhere I Belong from Meteora :stuck_out_tongue:


Got to be hybird theory. In the end. :wink:


Hybrid Theory and A Place for My Head


Fav song now : So Far Away

Fav album: minutes to midnight
Then: Little things give u away


Hybrid Theory for album

and for song, it use to be In the end (the song that got me into LP)
but now I have to say One Step Closer


Hybrid Theory for album

and song is impossible choose only one xD


Shadow of The Day-Minutes To Midnight :slight_smile:


LP Album: Hybrid Theory
LP hit: I can’t choose one!


LP Album: Meteora
LP Hit: New Divide


Meteora is my favorite album overall, but nothing beats in the end.


Totally agree with you!!


A Thousand Suns :]

Probably a not very popular opinion lol


LP Album: Hybrid Theory
LP Hit: Given Up


Album: The Hunting Party
I don’t know my favorite song


i have too much favourites, couldn’t choose ^^


In the End… I fall in love of LP with this one
It always do something to me every time I hear it.


This is totally my favorite song as well!!!


Breaking the Habit and Hybrid Theory are my favorites, but my favorite song changes a lot