What's your guy's favorite Linkin Park album


What’s your guy’s favorite Linkin Park album.

I'm just wondering what is everyone favorite album from linkin park

There are already a bunch of threads with the same topic like here, here, here, here and here.


Yup like @EvoOba said.


I was going to post those a couple of hours ago but realized I was going to be late for college, you beat me to it.


everybody seems to have to get his own favorite LP Album threat in near future, lol, :joy: but the sense of a forum is to communicate, not to repeat the same threat again and again and again, sry, it´s nothing that is ab you, new soldier @Sara_Freund ! Welcome to our lpu-community. But as everyday new ppl join into lpu, what makes us growing, thats good, but everybody new seem to enter with the same idea: Creating a new Topic, ab the fav song, album, as you see, we regulars are a lil overdosed by this, lol, come in and join into the threats, read, get in discussion, that´s fun :wink: