When and where?


Oh! I want to eat at Gotham! :grin:

I found a shark :yum:







Last week


Sky is pretty tonight




It’s been a long time since I’ve visited this thread.

Anyway, I just returned from a fairly intense bike ride, fighting the sunset the majority of the time. This was the view from the top of the hill before I rode back down.

I also rode alongside a doe and a couple fawns before they heard me coming and darted off into the woods.


Military plane training for the national day. :heart_eyes:



Right now


Over the past few days:

Recently, boredom took me to new places, to the point where I decided to engage in some masochism and completed a 1K piece puzzle I had sitting around, then to top it off, I raided the kitchen for every puzzle we had and I sat down to do those. I still have one of 500 to do and one of 1K to do.

Both the Harley and Bugatti are 1K pieces, I did the Bugatti some years ago and rebuilt it from 8 big fragments. All the other puzzles are my sister’s

Some miserable dogs that look like they’re being held at gunpoint. 260 pieces.

35 pieces

50 pieces

Says 100, but is actually 104 pieces

104 pieces


There was a falcon in my neighbours’ garden, it swooped down from nowhere and appeared to either have a mouse or a squirrel in its claws. Couldn’t get a better pic, it flew a way when it saw me in the garden.






In the midst of tonight’s bike ride, the sky looked absolutely beautiful, but I was riding through neighborhoods where all the houses were blocking my view. So I ended up riding to our local shopping center.

I chased the sunset…and I almost won.


Slammed the brakes but the wheels went on?



To me it just sounds like brake failure. :joy:


It’s a lyric from a Rise Against song. I hope that @evooba intended to make this reference though :sweat_smile: