When and where?










Sunrise over NY/Lower Manhattan


Beverly Harbor right now.


Right now



Found that guy in my Bonsai today- made me smile - :blush:


I love those almost autumn evenings :heart_eyes:




Went to Folsom lake today, Had a lot of fun rowing like an idiot mostly going around in circles :joy:


Sky is pretty badass today


First stroll with the parents around the Camden/Regent’s Park area today, what a beautiful day!!



Sunset on Cape Cod, MA,



Ally Pally today


Do you ever forget that certain places exist?

I honestly haven’t been to our local library in ten, eleven years.

It’s not that I don’t read, they just don’t carry any of the titles I’m looking for. Plus there are other ways to get books.

At any rate, hiding behind our library is this beautifully quiet place, that I always forget about. I spent about an hour riding my bike around the village this morning, and I ended up here.

And while I was here, I also got some much-needed writing done.

This is where I got my writing done.