When and where?


The sky is incredibly clear tonight and I happened to walk out to this sight in the sky
The picture itself removes a lot of detail but in the cloud there, the perimeter was shimmering lol like rainbow

The only thing I could compare it to was a nebula

The picture was taken about a minute after I started seeing, the brighter light, rocket plane whatever it was started at the center of that cloud
Maybe like 8 minutes in, the light faded slowly receding and then it gained speed directly south
Like I said there’s not a single cloud in the sky no smoke or anything, that was the only cloud of gas

There’s pics coming from LA too now :sweat_smile: it was just friggin cool to see
The shimmering effect I saw was what got me like :astonished:


A drone, maybe?


No it was a falcon rocket or whatever it’s called from space x…
But they launch from so cal as far as I know…
To have seen it here is pretty impressive considering the size it was here
And the amount of light it emitted was crazy if it was that far out from here

That was a real treat to see though :star_struck:

They launched from Vandenberg air base which is 350 miles away from here south, that was a ridiculously large light show for a damn rocket :astonished:

What she said!:


dang, ya boi Elon Musk is out here flexing. I strive to someday be ballin’ as hard as him.


Haha well…he’s bonkers :joy:
But yeah, I respect him for trying to force things forward
Whack jobs a lot of times end up remembered best in the history books :grin:


aye, he is the co-founder of Paypal, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, and founder and CEO of SpaceX. Not to mention the many lesser known companies he has founded. I wouldn’t call him bonkers my man :rofl:


No! :joy: I mean I know he’s brilliant and driven! But you’ve got to admit he’s got a bonkers side to him :joy:
The way he dives into things is the way of a madman lol in a good way, it’s commendable
But bonkers he is :joy:


aye, if anyone is gonna change the world, it’ll be him. Not to mention he actually has very good intentions, such as the creation of sustainable energy and reducing the risk of human extinction due to overpopulation.

I will however admit that he is entirely clueless when it comes to relationships :rofl: That man is 47, already been married and divorced 3 times (twice to the same woman) and has 6 kids.


Exactly lol
Some of the best minds that we think of now were seen as whack jobs in their lifetime so that’s what I’m getting at
Lmao… the twice to the same woman is what gets me lol it’s like it didn’t work the first time but let’s eff this up again lol


Just now!


Politically, yes…though not for long. :joy:

It is for the most part. :joy:

You don’t say.

This is hilarious. LMAO :joy:

Just don’t start making crappy electric cars.


Pink sunrise over here as well today


Aye. Electric cars are the future my man :triumph:


You’re telling this to a EEE student. I know they are, but Teslas are shit. One of their many problems is the build quality, they’re built like sheds (just like every American car ever). Then there’s the fact that they cost £100K + when you spec them up and I can’t fit comfortably in the back of any of them. For that money I’d make a beeline for a supercharged Jag XJL where I know they’ve built it properly.


Hi framos1792👋🏼
If you don’t mind me asking, where is it you live? I live in Castro Valley in the greater East Bay. Are you driving to the Masonic on 11/6 or taking public transportation? And what time do you plan on arriving?
Never been to a m&g before. Have you? I have a ton of shit I’d like to bring for Mike to sign but then I’d have to carry it around during the show and I’m concerned stuff would get ruined or worse yet, lost. Of course I know I can’t bring it all. I’ve got the collectors edition of the OML book and Mike’s art book. These are what I’d like to bring but this is why I’m concerned. Any info you can give me would be most appreciated.
Thanks, Denise (21plus34)




Did I miss this? When was this a thing?


It was offered with the presale of the release of OML. Limited edition of 1000 books. I took it with me to the Hollywood Bowl tribute to Chester show and gave it to a stage hand to try and get the bands signatures on it. I got Brad’s only. I was happy, 1 was better than none!


Sorry but yeah I think you missed it😟


Wait, you mean the photo book right? I thought there was something I actually missed, but no.