When and where?


The highlights actually look awesome, like BMW war paint / racing colours. Looks like an art-piece.






They’re sending the info 3 days prior to our event to our email address used when tickets were purchased. I am going to be out of the country until the day before!
Could you please send a message here with the info in case I somehow don’t receive or am unable to receive? I’d really appreciate it. tysm


Adorable group of friends at work today @AJ_7


Heads up @evooba, you’re likely in for the week from hell. Apparently it’s half-term for schools.


I got a chance to go down to yosemite national park
It’s in the central Sierra Nevada area of Ca, about 150miles southeast of Sacramento

Half dome

Most deeeeefinitely will be going back to camp and hike some point soon :grin: it’s bonkers beautiful
Tons of waterfalls I didn’t get to see


Morning sky


Very beautiful place @framos1792 !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

And nice sky @Lilyope ! :heart_eyes:


@the_termin8r Yesterday was madness. It was really bad… my manager apologised to everyone cause he didn’t think it’d be that busy and we didn’t have anough staff. I basically told him I’m walking out next time something like yesterday happens (it was a few more things besides being busy) and he legit freaked out. We have a staff meeting this afternoon, and you know it’s important when it’s your day off and you must go. Let’s see.


So cute! Thank you for tagging me @evooba ! I am so sorry you had a horrible day yesterday. I hope today is better! Remember I am just one message away


No prob! I love those doggies, they come every day and if we have time we play a bit of fetch with them :slight_smile:

It’s good today, I’m off and I’m meeting a friend in a bit for a walk and a coffee, will go to our meeting later this afternoon. Have a good day too! (Are you traveling back today?)


Good, let us know how the meeting goes.


Fairly better than I expected. He gave me the opportunity to say things I’ve been meaning to say for a while now and even though I was a bit harsh, I think the message got through to people and things will start to get better.


Nice to hear! You did well! :muscle:


You did well! Hopefully he will set your feedback in motion




Just now at Whitstable!


Today’s walk:

Bird-nest on a tree: