When and where?


Red clouds were all over the sky today:


Nice colours!!! :heart_eyes:


Still no snow? :exploding_head:


No… Not even in the mountains :roll_eyes: :poop:


I nearly forgot to forward this haha but If you’re getting this, I assume you’ve been able to access your email lol just in case though, the gist of it is to be on time or earlier than 4:30 sharp tomorrow
Bring ID and yeah :sweat_smile:
I’ll see you tomorrow!


@framos1792 yes thanks I did receive my email with the info and thanks. I’ll be there much earlier. See you there. Yahoo!


Today’s grey sky with the contrast of autumn colours



This one’s from yesterday, forgot to post it


Forgot to post, from a few days ago:


Wow great shot! :+1:t2::grin:




For the first one, I wasn’t sure if I liked the normal one or the darkened one more, so here are both.


Last week



Those trees look good enough to breathe lol. Autumn here is getting too cold. Nice pics btw :stuck_out_tongue:



This morning


Last night we got our first legitimate snowfall of the season. This was on my way into work at the school this morning.

It pretty much rained the rest of the day, so it was gone in no time. The weather’s turning colder, and I love it.


The sky this morning was amazing!