When and where?


First skiing :heavy_check_mark: :it: :mountain_snow:


Awesome!!! :heart: :heart_eyes:


The sky this evening was insane. Our drone flying field is a good place to catch nice skies in uni.


This was almost 24 hours later in relatively the same spot as my last photo. Today, though, the snow stuck, and the temperature dropped a little more. At the time I took this photo, it was about 25ºF (-4ºC).

To say the least, winter arrived a little early.


Yesterday on the way to my sister’s house :grin:


Right now :heart_eyes:

In the morning:




Yesterday, the sun in clear blue skies :crazy_face::expressionless:

This is what comes to mind seeing people right now :joy:






How come it’s so smokey around your area?


There’s a big fire 100miles north of us…
plus another one 500miles south that’s hitting LA
The one north of us burned 140ish square miles in little over two days and destroyed Paradise Ca a town of about 27000 people :pensive:
No danger here, just crappy crappy air quality but it was deadliest fire in the state…
(217 sq miles in a week)

The one near LA is hitting Malibu where some of those big name homes are at so yeah…


Might want to change the various air filters on your car once they put it all out, especially if there’s particulates in the air and not just smoke.


Stay strong and be careful!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


That’s horrible! I hope the fires will not further affect your area. Stay safe!


:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: amazing


Christmas! :christmas_tree: :it: :heart_eyes:


Isn’t it too early for Xmas?


It’s never too early :star_struck:
Unless of course, it’s august and the department stores are pushing it :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:


Yes :joy: , but apparently not in Italy :joy: