When and where?


Nope, double sided velcro.


:grimacing: That’s a tad risky, if it’s cheap it won’t hold that well (the velcro, not the glue). If you got legit heavy duty stuff it should be ok.


Says it holds up to 2.5kg so I’ll see, if I hear a bang overnight I’ll know what it is :stuck_out_tongue:


You could always add another set of pads for the bottom holes, that way the weight on the pads is halved,


Could do. I’ll see how it goes.


Here we go again :mountain_snow: :it: :ski:







Weird weather today


It is.

15 mins ago:

Just now:


Today’s trip:


The good life :hushed:


Well… Good is I don’t have to go to school… :thinking: But doing workout everyday at 7am, 2 trainings a day and above it all we have to cook by ourselves… Jk, it’s awesome here :grin: :heart_eyes:


Today in Uxbridge.


Yum yum :yum: :candy::lollipop:


Unicorn kingdom! :heart_eyes: :grin:


My eyes hurt.


I thought of you when I was there :blush: :heart_eyes:

Lol :joy:




Today I went up to Pas Forcola. Even though I waxed bad and there were lots of snow dunes (and I wasn’t sure if I’m gonna get down :grimacing:) it was awesomely beautiful. I was 2290 m above sea level (the most I’ve ever been on skis). And the sunset… :heart_eyes: