When and where?


During my lects in the morning:

After lunch:


Love your calculator writing! :star_struck:


I’ve got a new way of streamlining it, I’ll experiemnt next time I’m bored in a lect. lol


View from the mountain top


Right now:


This morning

This afternoon





I like soooo much those foggy pics!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


The Ickenham - Hillingdon run on the Met has some great morning views, but I can never take pics becuase the train is moving and packed. Otherwise it looks awesome.


First one is really nice, could be a stock photo


I love it too! Especially because you can see the spider webs on the bench.


I didn’t even notice the first time haha









Okay. Now this is from the topic only. “where” to start from and “when” :joy:


Stealing this away! Thanks! New wallpaper :two_hearts::heart_eyes:

Well guys the pictures are truly Awesome yaar. Pretty sky pics and sunrises! :smiley:

I saw a log of wood and a garden bench there that was too good! Snapped from perfect angle.

And a roadside street light…with it’s reflection below! :heart_eyes: Got all photographers here!!


Today, at about 11am: